What makes us tick...

Passionate about digital health. We listen to clinicians and create solutions that help improve patient outcomes.


Our history

Accenda was formed in 2007 with the vision that information in healthcare should be much more joined up, allowing clinicians to focus on what matters most, patients.


To help you, we first need to know you. We do this by performing a comprehensive deep-dive look at the way you work.

The more we know, the better we can develop digital solutions appropriate for your needs. Think of it like a digital health check: we look at pain points, bottlenecks in your processes and issues with your IT systems. Once complete, you’ll get a diagnosis which will highlight the best ways of how to start improving things.



Many IT businesses feed on complexity, making things overly complicated to justify their involvement. We do things a little differently.

Simplification sits at the core of our service offering. Everything we do is aimed at simplifying, clarifying and decluttering your internal IT process. We’ll do the heavy lifting for you, identifying the most simple ways to solve your challenges and then working with you to implement those solutions quickly and effectively.



Once we’ve figured out both where the problem lies and how to simplify it, then we get to work developing efficient, effective solutions.

We’re well-versed in the latest technology, meaning we can select exactly the right solution for you. We work quickly, not getting bogged down in red tape, delivering high-quality digital solutions that save you time and money, letting you get back to the important business of providing excellent healthcare to patients across your trust.


Our approach


It may seem obvious, but so many digital development agencies are so concerned with pushing their own ideas and agenda, that they forget to open their ears and listen to get to the source of the issue. Not us though, here at Accenda we’re all ears.


After carefully listening, our next step is to observe your processes, systems, and data journey. By observing astutely, we can gain a complete picture of your organisation, which means we can then create streamlined digital solutions that help your organisation to be more efficient.


Once we’ve fully observed the way your organisational processes work, our next step is to optimise them. We do this by applying just the right combination of years of NHS experience, logic, insight, understanding, code, cutting-edge-tech, and an enviable track record of delivering digital health solutions.


Once we’ve developed a solution, we test it. And when we say ‘test’, it isn’t a singular, one-off test. We actually mean that we test, test, and then test again. (And then test again) We won’t implement any digital solutions into your organisation until we’re 100% sure that it is reliable, robust and more than fit for purpose.


After we’ve developed a solution that we’re proud of and that you’re delighted with, we’ll work with you and support you to implement the solution across your organisation. We’ll continue to be here as a partner to support you, your organisation and the solution long after launch.

Our Team

Accenda is a collective of like-minded people who use tech for good. We come from all sorts of backgrounds and disciplines, but are held together by a belief in the power of technology to improve the future of healthcare.
Ian Cooper - Founder and CEO

Ian Cooper

Founder and CEO
Natalie Woolstencroft - Primary Care Lead

Natalie Woolstencroft

Primary Care Lead
Matthew Feerick - Chief Technology Officer

Matthew Feerick

Chief Technology Officer
Barry Jones - Quality Assurance Lead

Barry Jones

Quality Assurance Lead
Andrew Guzinski-Bowley - Software Developer

Andrew Guzinski-Bowley

Software Developer
Michael Woolstencroft - Helpdesk Manager

Michael Woolstencroft

Helpdesk Manager
George Jemison-Bates - Software Developer

George Jemison-Bates

Software Developer
Kyle Ballagher - Software Developer

Kyle Ballagher

Software Developer

Why work here?

At Accenda, we take the time to do things right. We believe in investing in our people, the best equipment, and creating an inspiring working environment.

From providing proper coffee to implementing the most cutting-edge technology in our digital processes, we don’t do things by halves. Join our team and you’ll be joining a group of friendly, like-minded people committed to making real change in the healthcare sector.

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