Gateway® is a Pathway, Advice and Referral platform, supporting GPs to refer patients into the right service, first time


What is Gateway®?

Gateway® is a Pathway, Advice and Referral platform, supporting GPs to refer patients into the right service directly and accurately. We understand the complications, inefficiencies and resource strain on NHS services - that's why since 2011 we have delivered a solution which helps make a difference to working practices, patient outcomes and appointment lead times.

Gateway® fully wraps around the GP clinical system and e-RS, with a dynamic ‘request builder’ - it streamlines your workflows and processes, reduces clinical variation and supports local pathway criteria.

How does Gateway® work?

Our dynamic ‘request builder’ removes the administration time and complications of ‘Word document’ mail-merge proformas, ensuring high-quality requests are created.

We extract locally configured clinical information directly from the patient’s record. The platform automatically checks against local pathways (VBC/EBI/PLCV).

Gateway® includes Capture™, a mobile app which can be used by clinicians, supporting clip-on dermatoscopes, to take high-quality photos which can then form part of an Advice & Guidance request or Referral.

Gateway® can be integrated into hospital systems or used as a standalone web-app for Advice and Guidance/Triage by acute consultants or GPs with Extended Roles. Supporting two-way conversation between expert and referrer, providing Advice & Guidance; Deflection to alternate community service; Regrade (routine/urgent/2WW); or redirection to a more appropriate acute service.

How does Gateway® work?


Typically efforts by GPs and CCGs to deliver best practice and patient care have been frustrated by administrative inefficiencies, traditional workflow practices and less than perfect access to clinical information.

The inability to share data and diagnoses is caused by legacy technology or manual processes.

Budgets continue to be stretched to an unprecedented degree – time and money is wasted daily on misdirected referrals, duplication of effort and labour-intensive processes. Patients are sent to clinics inappropriate for their medical needs, lengthening their care pathway unacceptably and frequently resulting in unnecessarily tragic consequences. All the while, patients feel that their care is not being taken seriously, and the reputation of the NHS is compromised.

The problem is being increasingly exacerbated by an ageing population and, more recently, the additional challenges arising from the COVID-19 pandemic.



Gateway® is the definitive answer to streamlining your referral pathways. It not only supports more informed decision making but saves considerable, measurable hours of work by GPs and practice staff.

Equally importantly, our solution helps to ensure that more patients are referred to the correct secondary care service first time, reducing wasted appointments and speeding up the patient journey. Definitive diagnosis and treatment is reached quicker, with faster provision, less frustration and increased patient involvement and insight to their care plan.


Gateway® Insights

GPITF Framework

We are the first integrated approved framework provider to offer an assured system for appointment bookings within e-RS

NHS Assured Integrations

Gateway® is a full integrated solution which genuinely makes a difference to daily activities, linking your wider digital ecosystem:

e-Referral Service (e-RS)
Care Identity Service 2 (CIS2)
Personal Demographics Service (PDS)
IM1 integrations
LiquidLogic (System C)
Mosaic (Servelec)

Clinical Best Practice

Gateway® as a complete digital advice, pathway and referral platform enables clinical best practice efficiency. Through the extraction of data from the patient's record, our digital referral builder removes the need for Word document pro-formas and extensive administration. GPs are in direct control of the clinical pathway, appointment booking and patient outcomes

Rapid Implementation

Just like using Gateway® itself, the implementation and integration is quick and efficient. It is incredibly easy for GPs and Practice staff to learn with our online training videos and PDF guides, supplemented by our specialist training team - either on-line or on-site. Complete configuration is delivered within a few days following contract award

Proven Solution

Since 2011 we have been making a clear and measurable difference:

4.7 million+ requests processed
16+ CCGs
1000+ practices
GPITF framework assurance

Our Team

Accenda is a collective of like-minded people who use tech for good. We come from all sorts of backgrounds and disciplines, but are held together by a belief in the power of technology to improve the future of healthcare.
Ian Cooper - Founder and CEO

Ian Cooper

Founder and CEO
Natalie Woolstencroft - Primary Care Lead

Natalie Woolstencroft

Primary Care Lead
Matthew Feerick - Chief Technology Officer

Matthew Feerick

Chief Technology Officer
Barry Jones - Quality Assurance Lead

Barry Jones

Quality Assurance Lead
Andrew Guzinski-Bowley - Software Developer

Andrew Guzinski-Bowley

Software Developer
Michael Woolstencroft - Helpdesk Manager

Michael Woolstencroft

Helpdesk Manager
George Jemison-Bates - Software Developer

George Jemison-Bates

Software Developer
Kyle Ballagher - Software Developer

Kyle Ballagher

Software Developer

Our Clients

We work with many CCGs across England – they place their trust in Gateway® to manage and support their practices and patients, helping the NHS deliver for all. Similarly we place our confidence in them to tell the story – what difference its made to them, their patients and the NHS:

“The sophistication of your software is set to revolutionise NHS efficiency and there has never been a time when that is more needed.”

Dr Shaun O’Connell
GP Lead for Acute Service Transformation
NHS Vale of York CCG

“We’ve been working with Accenda since 2011 and we are currently upgrading to their latest version of their referral software called Gateway.

For our practices in Manchester the new platform now builds a very high-quality referral or advice request directly within the new Accenda Gateway solution rather than from within EMIS. The platform has been configured by our local clinical leads to extract the right mix of medical information from the patients’ record automatically, removing the myriad of referral proformas that had previously existed. Behaviours have started to change whereby GPs are seeing that they can now complete the new online referral process rather than dictating/tasking to admin staff within their practices, this releases capacity for them to do other tasks.

Gateway also includes a mobile app for clinicians to take photos of skin conditions, this then feeds into the clinical system/patient medical record, and then can be used to raise a referral or advice request.

From our side, within The Care Gateway – patient choice team, we can directly book appointments on e-RS using the Gateway system. It’s very easy to do and makes a big difference to our workload.”

NHS Manchester

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