Going above and beyond government standards for online security with Cyber Essentials Plus

Cyber Essentials is a government scheme that helps protect organisations, particularly those in the public space, against the most common cyber attacks. After all, despite cyber attacks come in all forms, but the overwhelming bulk of them are actually pretty basic, undertaken by chancers, unskilled people trying their luck. The Cyber Essentials website refers to it as the digital equivalent of “a thief trying your front door to see if it’s unlocked."
Going above and beyond government standards for online security with Cyber Essentials Plus

At Accenda, we recognised that no digital healthcare strategy can be effective without a properly robust, and extremely secure safeguarding mechanism in place. When working with the NHS and other healthcare organisations, digital security is paramount as we are dealing with some of the most sensitive data out there: patient’s private clinical records.

That’s why we don’t only adhere to the government’s standards, we actually exceed them. Accenda signed straight up to Cyber Essentials Plus, the next level of accreditation, because we understood the sensitivity of the data we were responsible for. The main benefit of the Plus accreditation is that verification of our cyber security was done independently by a Certification Body, adding a layer of rigour and excellence that reassures our clients that we take data security very seriously.

The accreditation involved an in-depth check of every single part of our operation. All of our devices including mobiles and laptop were looked at, and the accreditors made sure we had everything from proper account management to the correct types of network perimeter security and firewall defenses in place.

Moreover, each of these things is fully patched. We got to great lengths to ensure that all our safeguards are not only in place, they are constantly checked to make sure they are meeting the highest standards. We constantly look at our intrusion prevention mechanisms to keep them updated and working, meaning harmful code and malware and viruses can’t take hold. We also stick to the latest mobile device management (MDM) techniques, meaning we can remote lock, and secure and track our devices, adding a further layer of security to the way we do things. The end result is a digital healthcare organisation that clients can trust to keep things safe and secure, one that goes above and beyond the standard accreditations.

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